Kelli Coffee's Always Cook With Love Universal Seasoning

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Product description

-Chemical Free -Weight Loss Aid -Low Sodium -All Purpose Use -Does Not Change the Culture of the Food -Does Not Alter The Taste but Enhances -

  • Amazing Chemical Free Spice Blend to Enhance Food in Any Culture
  • Flavorful Spices Mimic The Taste of Fast Food Aiding in Weight Loss 


For use on Foods From Any Culture Asian, American, British, Caribbean, Chinese, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Mediterranean, Moroccan, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese. Universal Seasoning is savory and is good on all meats, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Great for adding flavor to vegan or vegetarian dishes.

Add it to canned soups to give it a homemade taste. Use it as a rub for smoking meats. Sprinkle on french fries, eggs, potatoes, okra, squash, broccoli, zucchini, popcorn, salads and salad dressings, breads and anything else you can get your hands on! Use it to make coatings for fried foods like batters and crumbs. Put it in your favorite crock pot dish and see it sparkle! Great for grilling, baking, simmering, frying, broiling, steaming, roasting...the options are endless!

This product is good for people who are struggling with food addictions to unhealthy fast or junk foods. It is a chemical free way to make good and healthy food taste like a 5 star fast food run! It is designed to mimic the specific taste of addictive foods while using ingredients that all have a health benefit. In fact, if you dip your finger in the spice to taste it, you might keep licking until the whole bottle is gone! This is the most addictive chemical free spice blend you will ever try! When you dip your finger in the spice you would classify it as HOT. When you put a teaspoon in your dish it has a mild kick.