French Onion Soup Recipe!

6 Onions 

4 TBSP Butter 

3 QT Beef Stock 

1 1/2 Cups of Strong Coffee 

12 oz. Can Of Your Favorite Beer

2 TBSP Kelli Coffee's Chef In A Bottle Universal Seasoning 

2 tsp. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt 

2 tsp. Freshly Ground Black Pepper 

2 tsp. Thyme 

Toasted French Bread Slices 

Slices of Swiss or Gruyere Cheese 

Slice onions thin.  Heat skillet or dutch oven to medium.  Place butter in pan.  Add onions and slowly caramelize.  Add Beef Stock, Beer, Coffee, Kelli Coffee's Chef In A Bottle Universal Seasoning, Salt, Pepper, and Thyme.  Simmer for 3 hours uncovered to allow broth to reduce, adding 1 quart at a time while cooking.  Toast bread.  Place on top of onion soup.  Add Cheese and broil.  

Kelli Coffee